Something we all love, consume, and interact with on a daily basis.

So here is a blog post. Dedicated entirely to food.


– –

Just yesterday morning, I went to the farmer’s market across the Social Science Center (available every Tuesday in the Fall) for the first time. It offers fresh fruits, vegetables, kettle corn, and delicious baked goods such as the one below! It was the size of my face.


Apple Plum Strudel

Along with the farmers market, Autumn is also the time many coffee chains offer wonderful seasonal specialties:


Tim Hortons’ Halloween donut & Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte

And every so often, I may or may not visit Ontario Hall for their midnight snack bar…


French Fries with (a lot of) ketchup

My residence doesn’t have a snack bar (sigh) but it’s located right next to Yogurty’s! Which I guess sort of makes up for it.


Yogurty’s assorted flavours and toppings

And for those (extremely frequent) times I crave Asian food, I go to Somerville House.


Teriyaki’s noodles with veggies & chicken

Oh, and of course, the bulk of students’ meal plans are set aside as money for food at residence – which is actually quite good!
My favourite meals are the ones that I can customize, such as pasta bar, wing bar & perogie bar!

IMG_20131021_125553 (1) IMG_20131022_220415IMG_20131003_232525

Confession: I actually countdown the days to perogie bar (usually Wednesdays) – it’s THAT good.

Cheers to great food!


P.S. I apologize to any readers who got hungry reading this. But to be fair, writing this post has made me quite hungry too.


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