Midterm Madness

It was quite a hectic week! I went back home for the Thanksgiving weekend. On my way to Toronto, the traffic was busy and it ended up taking more than four hours to get there! Despite the long ride, it was great to be home, see the family, have some dearly missed homemade Chinese food, and of course, turkey.

I have also written two midterm exams in the past week. The Actuarial Science exam was challenging; it required a lot of memorization and attention to details. It is one of those exams that you have no idea whether you did well or badly until get your mark back. For Calculus 1500 exam, it needed a lot of thinking. I found this exam reasonable and I actually had fun writing it (I am not joking!). Now I am just waiting for the marks to come back.

On October 29, next Tuesday, the SEAA is hosting an event, “Nightmare at Cobra”, along with a few other clubs. It is a Halloween themed clubbing event (masks required! They will be available for purchase) where students are able to have fun, dress up, and relax after all those midterms. We will set up a booth at the UCC, and I will be personally selling tickets there! So, if you are in the UCC, drop by and say hi!



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