Musical Marvels

Piano Keys

Music is just the best thing ever. I can’t think of a more accurate way, or a more juvenile way for that matter, to express all the sensational things music does for me. When I need to mentally become a vicious feline animal for my 45-minute workouts, all I need is music. When I need to wallow in the depths of my petty little problems, music is there for me. When I want to leave a metaphorical note on my forehead that reads “DO NOT DISTURB”, music has got my back.

As I was sifting through my iTunes today, I took a gander at my Top 25 Most Played Playlist. I did this for pure amusement because usually my most played songs give a very inaccurate description of my favourite songs. However, the housekeeping I did with my iTunes about 6 months ago successfully eradicated most of the old childhood and adolescent favourites. It’s safe to say my Top 25 is no longer inhabited by Jesse McCartney and Hannah Montana;  evidence of my mainstream pop phase I am not ashamed to admit I endured. My top 3 most played songs, though vastly different from one another, still adequately summarize my musical fancies.

Just to add some suspense here, I’ll start from number 3 and work my way up. My 3rd most played song is a cover by City and Colour. I am not too hipster to proclaim my undying love and admiration for the brilliant Dallas Green. Though this is not my favourite song by him, this song has been both my escape and comfort for the past few months and it has done a remarkable job of rescuing and consoling me. Composed by Kristofer Åström (don’t feel musically disengaged if you have no idea who he is), this song is called “How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me”. If you want to be emotionally perplexed by blunt disparity and sweet, sweet release, give this one a listen.

When I think about this second song, I imagine myself in a pink t-shirt and mint green capris with little ballerinas, aimlessly twirling around my family room. This is definitely not a song you’d find on your typical childhood soundtrack, but I can’t help but slip into a nostalgic trance when I hear the very first strum of that guitar. An ambiguous and somewhat enigmatic song, I was told this song is written as an apology to Steven Tyler’s child for his absence during the souvenirs of their childhood. “Jaded” by Aerosmith takes second place on this one folks.

To finally satisfy your anticipation and put you out of your misery, the most played song is “Play Hard” by David Guetta and Akon. Remember when I said my mainstream pop mania was over? This is the first song I put on before I jump into a hard-core cardio sesh at the gym. Truth is, no matter how mainstream or popular this song is, there’s nothing that amps me up more for a workout than an all round good tune. Before you hit the gym next time ladies and gents, I suggest you give this one a listen. I promise it will soon become one of your workout essentials too.


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