Bug Alert!

To be honest, one of the first things I’ve learned when I arrived at Western was that ladybugs have wings and can fly. I seriously did not know that ladybugs could fly!  I used to think they were cute, harmless creatures. I even dressed up as a ladybug one year for Halloween (oh the irony). As someone who is scared of all insects, I never thought they were that bad; after all, they inspired the black and red polka dot trend, and they certainly don’t look terrifying.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks that there are ladybugs EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I mean everywhere. I was walking around in the Bookstore and a ladybug landed in my hair! I was terrified – I was in the basement of the UCC, I didn’t think ladybugs would be flying around indoors. Evidently, I was wrong.

One of the most traumatizing experiences I’ve had with ladybugs so far happened around a week ago. I was crossing the street, so I could get from Elgin Hall to Med-Syd, and out of nowhere, I saw something zooming towards my face. Naturally, I flinched and ducked. After blinking a few times, I realized that there was a black spot on my glasses and it was moving! At that time, I was so perplexed and close to screaming or crying. I took off my glasses and saw that there was a ladybug on it! I was too scared to touch it, so I scrapped it off on the tree bark and ran as quickly as I could. I have never been more thankful for my glasses!

From my horrific experiences, I’ve learned to always look around for flying/zooming objects when I’m walking. If I see something like that close to me, I just flinch. Sometimes I get weird looks from the people around me, but I tell myself that my safety or my distance from ladybugs is more important than what people think about my weird actions.

If anyone has advice on how to avoid ladybugs, please let me know! Or if you’ve developed a chronic fear of ladybug, let me know too! We can swap stories and advice (I’m actually completely serious about this).


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