Transportation Rage


Something that intrigues me is how in certain situations, we become rage driven monsters, especially when it does not make much sense for us to harbour so much anger in these everyday situations, nor is it necessary.

One situation that puzzles me is when an individual is placed in the driver seat of a car. It is one of the things that I have contemplated a lot surprisingly over the past summer — why is it that when we place ourselves behind a wheel that we become such self-entitled scumbags (I myself included)?

These scumbag actions range from cursing at the drivers around my family’s car while my mom is driving if they make any slight errors, to shaking my fist at the cars zooming past, while hoping they see my displeased face through the tinted window (I say it is a jest but if I am honest, these small and petty actions alleviate my annoyance).

Another situation I’ve noticed where everyone enters an every-(wo)man-for-(her)himself kind of mentality is on the subway, where it seems like that the ruder you are, the more power you hold.

There are many questions that I cannot answer:

1) Is it because in transportation, whether it is in a car or a subway, we are already worn thin on our patience levels?

2) Or have we secluded ourselves so much from strangers that we see them as “The Other” or as less human, so that we feel that it is okay to treat people this way?

3) In the driving situation, does the control of something at least five times bigger than us inflate our egos so much that we feel that we can act however we like?

4) Is it because I have commuted to work for the past two summers in Toronto? Are these symptoms of a busy city culture that has increasingly embraced the self?

5) Why does my significant other from Calgary not get angry when he is driving? Why does my roommate from Windsor seem to have more patience?

6) Is it just my own personality or the similar personalities of my friends and family, and my significant other and roommate are weird exceptions?

7) Seeing that this post has progressed in a much less serious tone than I had anticipated, shall I end it here?

Questions, so many questions.


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