Sleep Deprived

You know you and your suitemates have an issue with sleep deprivation when you go to sleep at 3:30AM and are still the earliest one to sleep in your suite. Lately, this has been a consistent and persistent thing. I’ll power down my laptop around 2:30AM after I’ve accepted the fact that there is no way I’m lucid enough to do any more homework that night (morning?) and then proceed to take a shower. I’ll get out of the bathroom and chat with my roommate or suitemates and say goodnight and suddenly, we’re approaching 4AM.

As the only girl in my family, living in a hybrid style suite with three other girls is a totally new experience. I’m living with three best friends who I have the luxury of seeing every day. After three years of separation with my best friend, we’ve reunited as roommates at Western. It’s like a perpetual sleepover or overnight camp or something—a lot of fun, but not in the mornings when I have to get up for class.

I love to sleep, as much as the next person if not more. I feel tired, unfocused, and irritable if I don’t get my eight hours of sleep. Some people I know are superhuman—there are days when my suitemate stays up until 4AM studying and then takes a “power nap” before rolling out of bed for her 8:30AM class—but I’m not one of them. I need my sleep.

We all know sleep is crucial to wellbeing and that as adolescents we should be getting upwards of eight hours a night. While I’m not in any position to be doling out advice about how to maximise sleep, I will say that you should embrace the occasional late night because, hey, that’s the university life.


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