On doing what you love.

do what you love

Why does it always seem as though I’m falling in to an endless pit of schoolwork?

I already began living on campus by renting out library study rooms at Kings and Weldon, but homework has me in a chokehold.

I feel like a donkey being lead by a carrot dangled in front of its face. Unfortunately, the carrot is my future.

 People always have advice for university students like me:

  1. Get good grades. (Gee thanks, I wasn’t trying)
  2. Focus on schoolwork. (Like I said, I have already become the Kings library troll)
  3. Don’t even bother having a social life (What are people anyways?)

 -And the list goes on.

All of these pieces of advice are great- in theory.

Is it possible to go through life as an emotionally sterile robot, solely existing to produce beautifully intelligent projects and essays?

I am here to say that no, it is not.

 Everyone needs a break, and studying is not everything.

 Most of the people I am friends with are either headed to Ivey or medical school.

From what I have witnessed, the majority of their pursuits are directly correlated to getting ahead, and being better than the competition.

 This falls under schoolwork, clubs they join, and how they generally spend their free time. They do things based on their merit on a CV, not because they have a passion for them.

 I believe that everyone should choose activities based on their interests. Getting involved is fantastic, and anything that benefits the Western community is a great way to spend your time.

That being said, doing what makes you happy is the most important thing.

 In one of my Anthropology classes, there is a girl who is in her 5th year of study.

She was in 3rd year Medical Science when she realized that she hated what she was doing. She finished the year, but come September the following year, she switched in to Anthropology. If she had followed through with her degree, she would have been unhappy for the next year, and would have graduated with feelings of resentment towards school and studies.

 Life isn’t always about being impressive; it’s about finding your path in a way that is meaningful to you.

Even though I frequently complain about my workload and studies (and who doesn’t), I love what I am doing.

I am happy to spend my time here, because it is what I have chosen.


It is never to late to do what you love. 


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