Long Weekends… If only it happens more often!

Thanksgiving weekend, aren’t we all thankful for this extra day off? Oh, how I miss these much needed breaks since university life started. Last week, I just finished two midterms back-to-back, and had an IFFY feeling about both of them. C’est la vie. No worries because it’s supposedly the time to forget and be extra thankful.

On Friday, the lecture halls felt empty, I didn’t have to fight to find seats or crowd around to enter a hall. As I walked through campus from lecture to lecture, the majority had their luggage in hand and that determined look to just go home. I’d know, I was more than ready to go home myself, I always count the days towards break time instead of exam time… However, I haven’t even packed my luggage yet because I learnt from last year that when I pack early, I pack everything. So, I decided to be smart this year, pack the bare minimum when returning to make my life a tad easier.  Also, I had to pack my textbooks, you know, for study reasons. Sometimes I feel like I should just leave those textbooks here, and pretend they don’t exist… It’s not like I have 3 exams later this week, nope, nope, not at all! Like I said before, nothing to worry about this weekend!


Thanksgiving is a great time for a weekend getaway. One recommendation that plentiful attend is the Kictchener-Waterloo Okotoberfest which is actually not that far from London. Well, if you sleep on the car ride like me, everything’s close. As I readied myself to go home in the late afternoon, I knew the ride back will be long. My plan was to snooze away since my sleep deprivation starts when midterm starts but ends during the holidays. Nonetheless, the plan didn’t work; the ride was long traffic everywhere, at least I wasn’t lonely. I was so bored that at one point I started to point out the obvious to my parents: car, tree, car, tree… Really, there wasn’t much to see on the road back to London.

All this free time and boredom made me thought of an idea. I know, I was being creative, strange wasn’t it? Maybe, just maybe this traffic problem can be so easily resolved if we have these long weekends more often. I am sure many students would agree with me, more breaks! If we did, perhaps not everybody will crowd on the road on a specific weekend… Well, wishful thinking like always.


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