Study Time vs. Turkey Time…


Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

If you’re anything like me, then you are probably super relieved and excited that we have made it to the Thanksgiving long weekend at last! It is truly amazing how much difference having just one extra day off can make, isn’t it? Just being able to relish in that indescribable feeling on Sunday night, knowing that… there’s no class the next day, is just the best!

Whether you’re going home, visiting friends or just enjoying a bit a relaxation, having an extra day means that there is just a bit more room for enjoyment and freedom.

Of course, there is always the classic battle regarding whether to use the extra time for pure enjoyment or for study time… hmm what to do? This is one dilemma that I am constantly considering!

On one hand, the bonus day off means a day for fun, food, friends, family and non-school-related enjoyment. But, as many of you might agree, there is always that small nagging feeling to use the time to catch up, get ahead, study or prepare for upcoming midterm exams, essays and labs. It can be hard to relax completely when you know that your upcoming weeks are ladened with assignments, labs and midterms.

Like most things, balance seems to be the key.  Balancing (food + fun) with (study + preparation) is not easy, but will help you leave the weekend feeling rested but accomplished.

Set aside some blocks of time for your studying. Match up what you want to get done to the time slots that you allotted. Accomplish what you can with the time you’ve set aside for each course. Once you’ve worked a bit on the tasks you’ve picked, pack it up and treat yourself to a break! No run can run in 100% full-time “school study mode” forever, so make sure you give yourself a chance to recharge and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

Giving yourself a break from study will help you return to the “hustle and bustle” of school with a new energy and sense of direction.

Having said all this, I’m headed off to enjoy some of the beautiful autumn weather myself!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at UWO!!


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