Review of the Month

I can’t believe it has been a month since classes started! Time flies by in this fast paced environment. I have been active, socially and academically. The variety of clubs and events is unbelievable!

Socially, I have joined the Actuarial and Statistical Undergraduate Association, South East Asian Association, Chinese Student Association, and Western Badminton Club. Each of these clubs has hosted some amazing and exciting orientation events and designed appealing gifts for its members.

I particularly love the ASUA t-shirt with the ambiguous message “We get paid to do models” on the back.

These clubs gave a list of possible events for this school year; I am really excited to participate and help planning these events.

Academically, I have already written two mid-terms tests/exams and multiple quizzes. I have also attended several careers information presentations, which I found helpful to prepare for the future. The current workload is on the level which keeps me busy but gives me time for extra-curricular activities; it gives me a great balance.

I have met a lot of new friends from residence, clubs, and classes. With these people, it has been great walking to classes, studying, having meals, hanging out, playing games, and playing ping pong. These friends, along with the Sophs, RAs, and Yogurty’s (which is a basic need for me; I have been there quite a few times this month), have truly made Western my home away from home. I look forward to more invaluable experiences to come in this year!



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