Where’d all my time go?

Simple and easy time saving tricks


Keep an agenda or calendar

This may seem like a no-brainer to everyone reading this but it’s all about having the right agenda and knowing how to use it properly and effectively. The school agenda is pretty much useless, besides having a couple of coupons, the agenda is poorly formatted and filled with ads. I suggest throwing it out. Instead, I would recommend using an electronic agenda that can sync your tasks to your phones and laptops. That way you can access them wherever you go and make new entries as tasks show up, assuming that you carry your phone with you all the time. Listing tasks as they show up is the only way I can remember things. Don’t think to yourself “I will just write that down later” because you are guaranteed to forget! Also try to limit yourself to one organizational method. Sometimes not having an agenda is just as disorganizing as having multiple agendas.

Do not overburden yourself with too many extracurricular activities and clubs

Although I am all for pursuing activates outside of academics and doing the things you love, there is a point where you are just spreading yourself too thin. I know that feeling of the “club day syndrome,” where you have the sudden urge to join every single club on campus. That was my exact feeling when I went to club day. There was that part of me that just felt like I was missing out if I wasn’t in some particular club or group. Try to stick to one or two things you really love. That way you will actually have fun while having the time to stay on top of academics.

Keep sessions short

Even if you are cramming for a final or writing your assignment that is due the next day, it is essential to take breaks. This allows you to keep your mind sharp such that you are maximizing your time. Powering through your assignments never works and ultimately ends up wasting more of your time than breaking your work into segments. This method even has its own name called the Pomodoro Technique in which work session are broken up into 25 minutes of work with 5 minutes of break in between. Ultimately it’s up to you how you wish to divide up your work and break sessions. Personally I usually go for 45 minutes of work with 15 minutes break. That way I get a longer break to grab a snack.

As someone who constantly has time and organization troubles, these are some techniques that have personally help me out. But I am always looking for better and more creative techniques. Post any of your time saving techniques below!


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