(36) DAY

It’s always nice to be able to take a break from all the school work and just get away for a breather.

Last weekend, I went to Western Asian Christian Fellowship’s (ACF) Fall Retreat.
Here is a link to their website: http://westernacf.wordpress.com/. The retreat was held at Lampton Lodge Center and about 90 Western students (ranging from first-year to graduate students) participated in this event.

I had such a great time this weekend, because I got to spend a lot of time getting to know other Western students and getting advice from the upper-years. We also had many meaningful talks during retreat – one of them being the importance of prioritization and knowing what to put first in your life.

Below is a picture of my friend Jireh in fourth-year. He used to be a Western cheerleader and is now one of my Frosh cell leaders. Under that is a photo of my friend Crystal who is also a fourth-year student and one of the people I looked up to at retreat.


Here is also a picture of all the lovely frosh who went (about 20 of us)!


To be honest, I have to say that I was really hesitant about going to retreat at first, as it was the weekend before midterms. I also had a paper due the day we came back.

But after this experience, I can definitely say that it was worth it. I learned so much, met so many awesome people, had such a good time, reflected a lot on my priorities, (ate so much good food)…

So now, all I can say is that I can’t wait for ACF’s Winter Retreat!

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
– Matthew 6:33



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