Sleepless Night Playlist


On a sleepless night like this, calming music flows into my ears through a wonderful invention also called the ‘headphones’, while I think about reuniting with my family and friends this weekend for thanksgiving. It seems like yesterday since I stepped out of my house to live in a brand new world, with a brand new group of people. It is peculiar yet beautiful how strangers can become so close within a month. Although we are busy spending every minute with our floor mates, it is inevitable for me to draw my thoughts back to my parents, whom I miss dearly.

Whenever I am doing my laundry, or crazily devouring the caf food, or walking back from the exhausting night lecture, all the memories shared with my parents wander freely in my brain. My entire grade twelve life consisted of me looking forward to moving out; it was impossible for me to hide my exhilaration to the thought of getting away from all those annoying parental lectures.

Music and I share a love-hate relationship, since it triggers various kinds of emotions. When “Daughters” by John Mayer flows melodically from my headphones to my ears, I think of my parents’ endless scolding, which helped me to become the person I am today. They are the ones who taught me how to love others, and taught me the importance of sharing others’ sadness when their shoulders are heavily burdened.

Let’s all appreciate our parents’ presence and reflect on what they have done for us to become who we are now. Without their effort, we would not have been able to attend one of the best universities in Canada, and interact with the best and finest people.

As I am slowly falling asleep to “Slow It Down” by The Lumineers, I am trying to think of ways how we can show our gratitude towards our parents…

How about we take our parents out for dinner, and spend some quality time with them? We are making lasting memories that we will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives. When we see them this thanksgiving weekend, let’s give them a tight hug and tell them how much we appreciate them!


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