Surviving My First Midterm!


On Saturday, October 5th, I had my first university midterm for Economics 1021. I didn’t really know what to expect – the night before the midterm, my imagination, clouded by slight nerves and excerpts from movies, was going haywire. We were allotted two hours to answer 50 multiple choice questions, which to me, felt like I should have ample time. Then I started worrying about how difficult the questions would be, if we were provided with so much time, and that’s when my imagination would go into overdrive.

Because I had two assignments due this week and my birthday was the day before the midterm, I felt like I barely had time to study. Other than reading over the textbook, doing the practice questions in the study guide and working on some past papers, I really didn’t do much or spend much time on it. However, I’ve taken microeconomics before in high school, which relieved me a little.

My exam was scheduled to be from 4pm-6pm, so I told myself that I’d wake up early for some last minute revision at the Weldon Library. That didn’t go according to plan. My lovely floormates surprised me with birthday cake so I spent time with them and slept really late, which meant that I woke up late on Saturday. The skies were grey and gloomy when I got up, so all I wanted to do was lie in bed and hibernate till Christmas (not exaggerating!). When I somehow pulled myself up, I decided to work on some past papers in my room instead, but the answers were all written next to the question. I tried covering it up with a sheet of paper, but my attempts was futile, as the paper would block the options.

I realize that time passes slowly when I’m dreading something, so when it was finally time to leave, I didn’t feel nervous; instead, all I wanted was to just get the exam over with. I must admit it was overwhelming seeing everyone waiting in front of the examination room. There were so many of us that the stairs heading down to the basement of the Natural Science building was blocked. Once the doors opened, everyone just seemed to know what to do, as if it was natural to them. I followed suit, putting my bag in the front of the room and choosing a spot to sit. The room was organized into rows and on each desk were the Scantron, examination booklet and some rough paper. All in all, the entire procedure felt normal. My vivid imagination was slightly disappointed, but I was glad there wasn’t anything too strange. I felt that the exam was easy, and so did many of my friends who wrote the paper. Hopefully we all did well on it, and that we all survive the first Economics midterm! On to the next one (Calculus for me in two weeks)!


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