My Fall Bucket List

I’ve officially emerged from the residence bubble now that I’m a second year and living off campus. It’s as if I’ve only just realized how big London really is and that it includes more than Richmond row. One of my best friends was also fortunate enough to be blessed with her family’s soccer mom van for second year, which has only opened up the countless number of adventuring ideas for fall before the snow hits and all us Torontonians freeze our butts off for what feels like an eternity. I shall now share with you a few things from my bucket list for the fall – some of which I have already crossed off.

1. Buying a Pet

This is a pretty broad topic as “What Pet to Buy” could be a whole other blog post. I originally thought Seamonkeys would be really cool (mostly because I never had them as a kid when all of my friends did), but after they never hatched and the tank turned into a milky jar of algae I went for the classic university pet – the Betta fish! Originally, I was very adamant I would never get a Betta fish for fear of falling into a university student stereotype, but I stupidly accompanied my friend to Petsmart so she could get a hamster and ended up making an impulse Betta fish buy.

2. Apple Picking

While my friends and I were brainstorming what to use our new soccer-mom-van-power for we immediately came to the conclusion of apple picking. Not only does it result in lots of fruit for weeks on end…something that is quite expensive from the grocery store, but it also involves tons of delicious baking – my personal favourite being apple crisp. Dwarf Tree Orchards is about a 20 minute drive from Western located at 1697 Byron Baseline Rd., London ON, N6K 4N3. You can even pick pumpkins there, which brings me to my next topic.

3. Pumpkin Carving

As a kid I loved everything and anything to do with art, which included pumpkin carving. Every year when my family carved pumpkins together I’d still be sitting amongst the newspaper on the kitchen floor hours after everyone else had finished. I went all out, carving everything from Harry Potter (my all-time fictional crush) to giving my pumpkin braces. Where to get a pumpkin? You can include it as part of your apple picking excursion or Loblaws also sells them for about a dollar when Halloween nears.

No matter what you decide to do this fall, at least take some time to enjoy our last warm days of the year before the temperature drops and you seriously consider wearing long underwear under your jeans before leaving your house in the morning.


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