One of the things that stuck with me from elementary school was the advice that a teacher gave us regarding change. She told us that we needed to learn how to embrace change because it would be one of the things that would follow us for the rest of our lives.

To demonstrate this, she would change around the classroom seating often, and move our desks in different orientations so that we would have to adapt to a new pattern of blocks and rows every so often.

It delighted me when I walked into a new classroom because it was exciting to see, but I also had to learn to cope with new neighbours that I might not have particularly liked.

Surprisingly, as a seventh grader, I took her advice quite seriously and applied it to my own life at home, changing where my furniture would sit in my cozy room and trying to maximize space, while pushing myself to embrace little changes.

I was also fascinated with the idea of drastically changing my hair, chopping it off or dying it drastic colours. It gave me a way to express the extreme ups and downs I experienced through my childhood in my family life. Especially when I was not permitted to use my words to verbalize how I felt, due to familial power dynamics, or just a lack of control I had over certain circumstances.

To me, it seemed like making these little changes were things that I could control, and it prepared me for changes that I had no control over, especially deaths in my family.

Looking back, I think this perspective of change helped me a lot when I entered high school, transferred to a different high school, and even now through university. I find that when things change, I do not get knocked off track because it is something that I have accepted as constant.


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