2 Things I Can’t Live Without

Basic Needs

1)      My Cell Phone

Always in my hand, always grabbing my attention with its blinking red light (haha guess what kind of phone I have!), always the first object I grab when I wake up in the morning.  I am inseparable from my phone and I feel utterly terrified, vulnerable and naked whenever I somehow manage to misplace it.  Sometimes I wish there was a special cavity in my chest to place it so that I would never lose it (and to fulfil my long-time dream of becoming Iron Woman).

However, recently I watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OINa46HeWg8 and it made me rethink the use of my phone.

Now, I’m not courageous enough to completely rid myself of this seemingly essential device, however I do try to take a moment once in a while to mindfully observe the environment around me and to appreciate the calm serenity, the two minutes of doing nothing.  It’s amazing how our world has changed into such a fast-paced environment that we no longer have two minutes to spare, that we squirm anxiously at having to sit still and simply do… nothing.  I challenge you to take two minutes of your time to just sit and observe what’s around you, to slow down once in a while and appreciate the present moment.  It’s hard (I lasted 30 seconds the first time I tried before jumping for Youtube) but it truly makes you appreciate the simple things in life and that’s just as important as being the awesomely ambitious, highly involved, opportunistic go-getter you are.

2)      Peanut butter

If you know me and we’ve ever talked food, I have probably told you about my addiction to peanut butter.  Strangely enough, I used to hate peanut butter and didn’t eat it often as a kid.  But, as soon as I came to university, I had an overwhelming urge to “put that **** on everything!”… no joke.  When I went home for the first time during first year, I realized my house had no peanut butter and took a trip to the grocery store specifically to get some.  I couldn’t even last a weekend without it.  I was so ashamed that my life had been reduced to a dependence on ground up peanuts.  But, that experience taught me the importance of moderation because three jars and five pounds later, I was so sick and tired of the stuff I vowed to never buy it again.

You’d think I’d stay true to my word, but an addiction is an addiction and I craved the PB as soon as it was gone from my fridge.  Attempting to shed my peanut butter belly, I learned that keeping a sustainable, healthy diet should not involve severely restricting yourself, but rather appreciating those not-so-healthy items in smaller portions.  Whether you are trying to fight the Freshman 15, are on the seventh attempt at the Atkin’s diet or are simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, being able to portion control and listen to your body’s true hunger signals is one of the most important skills to learn.

We often eat out of boredom, stress or fatigue, (as I learned my tendency to reach for peanut butter heightened during exam time) so deciphering what’s really “eating us” can help us make better food decisions.  For more information and help, you can visit the campus nutritionist (link here: http://www.usc.uwo.ca/nutritionist/).  These days, I manage to limit myself to a spoonful of PB a day and often go without it for weeks, especially if I don’t have bananas around (my favourite peanut butter vehicle), but it’s definitely still one of my favourite foods, right up there next to chocolate and cheese.

So, now you all know some items that I hold dear to my heart.  What are some things that you can’t live without?  Go enjoy the outdoors, eat some peanut butter and have an awesome day!


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