The Autumn Melodies


Sitting on the common lounge couch of Delaware Hall, facing the window while sipping hot chocolate seems like a good way to start off my morning. A beam of sunlight brightens the whole room, and provides me with the sense of warmth that welcomes me to the autumn environment. It is hard to notice the first leaves turn red especially when school assignments and readings start piling up. I’m here in my room, thinking where did the summer disappear to? I’m struck by how silently the autumn approaches.

The sound of cars, busses, traffic lights, and people walking with their fall boots seem so loud; however, the trees that are gathered around the residence make no noise. Everyone is so concentrated on catching up with lectures, reading ahead, typing busily with their cellphones and laptops, we hardly make time for ourselves.

With all the electronic devices surrounding us, it is difficult for us to avoid spending time on technology. Whenever we take a break from studying, we are chatting with people through different social networking sites, catching up on current trends, or watching a movie on Netflix. Instead of consuming our time on technology, why don’t we take time to appreciate our nature?

Perhaps, paint the gorgeous buildings we have here at Western, or read a book on the field right in front of University College, or even plug your ears with headphones to block everything out to be in your own world. It is also a good idea to observe the red and gold leaves drifting by the window, and write a poem about the ones you love or a memory that first comes to your mind.

We are blessed with a beautiful season called autumn, where we can put on a comfortable sweater and drink Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I mean, what’s better than a nice hot cup of coffee on a chilly September day? October is right around the corner that means midterms are fast approaching. It is easier said that done, but try not to stress out too much. Balance your daily lifestyle, and enjoy the autumn melodies!


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