Coconut Oil: The Sultry Salvation


Any active member of the health and fitness world knows that the talk of the town is the sweet, tropical fruit, the coconut. Social media has taken the reigns on educating the public about the dietary, domestic and commercial uses of this newly acclaimed super food. The real scoop here is the superior benefits of not the milk or the water of this delicate fruit, but edible oil that is extracted from the flesh.

The health industry has been bursting with the advantages and benefits of coconut oil. Recently recognized as the heart healthiest fat in the world, coconut oil has been trivialized due to its high contents of saturated fats. Most people are unaware that almost fifty percent of these fats come from the healthy saturated fat known as lauric acid. Lauric acid is well noted for its efficiency in combating bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol, known as HDL, within the body. Due to coconut oil’s soaring levels of lauric acid, coconut oil can actually play a major role in decreasing one’s levels of bad cholesterol and help keep the heart happy.

Not only do these fats aid in decreasing one’s chances of developing heart disease, but they also participate in maintaining a slim waistline. The pollutions of saturated fats stored in these tropical treats are packed with medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are shorter compared to long chain fatty acids (duh!) and are metabolized faster because they are preferentially used for energy rather than fat storage.

Okay, now that we’ve confirmed that this light, milky oil will benefit your mid section and your heart, it’s time for the icing on the cake. Coconut oil can also be used as a home remedy for skin ailments like sunburns or acne. Before you collapse in a chaise lounge and bathe in the splendours of the sunlight, apply a generous amount of coconut oil on your skin. This can prevent your skin from harmful UV radiation while simultaneously attracting beneficial UV radiation that can help to produce a sufficient amount of vitamin D (important for healthy bones!). Since coconut oil is so light and it absorbs into the skin easily, is can even act as a smooth, non-greasy moisturizer that will make your skin as smooth as velvet.

Whether you’re lathering yourself in it, or stuffing your face with it, coconut oil has copious benefits and should be a staple in everyone’s pantry!


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