Count down for Catching Fire

Like many young adults, I am addicted to The Hunger Games. And now with less than a month until the new movie (Catching Fire) premieres, I couldn’t be more excited. I have already bought my ticket for the premiere and I have been watching the trailers over and over again (and the more I watch,... Continue Reading →

Los Días de Los Muertos

I am studying Spanish this year and as a result, I had the privilege of experiencing a taste of what "Los Días de Los Muertos" is about because the UWO Spanish Department organizes a celebration every year (or at least for the past three years that I have been studying here). Translated as the "Day... Continue Reading →

Stand Together

Sitting in my First Nations Studies class, I am often lead to believe that everything I know about my culture as a non-Indigenous individual is flawed. The first few weeks of class were difficult- it is hard to confront your firmly held beliefs regarding the country you know and love. I’m often shocked by the... Continue Reading →

Paradox of Life

Paradox: n. a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory. We spend much time on contradicting our own statements whether it was intentional or unconsciously done. Obliviousness, I believe, is a huge factor in why our speeches are... Continue Reading →

Prone to Polish

I apologize in advance to all you males for this cosmetic/aesthetic based post, but I’ve been feeling especially feminine this past week. In turn, I decided to channel that femininity into something that could be of some assistance to all you girly-girls out there. I’ve formed this nice little collection of nail polishes over the... Continue Reading →

After the midterms….

Ashes, it was all ashes. The months of efforts, the endless textbook readings, and the stacks of practice problems….in the end, it was just as paltry as the frantic struggles of a dying rabbit in the jaws of a wolf. As I beheld my scantron report, I could feel tiny slivers of ice pierce through... Continue Reading →

Almost Done, Relieved & Stressed?

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I last posted, it feels like ages. Well, it is midterm season, tis the season to be studying and writing exams. For some reason (-ahem- sleep deprivation, caffeine), studying and writing makes me lose my sense of time, I can’t believe it’s almost November! Honestly speaking, now... Continue Reading →

The End of Antibiotics?

Catching a cold or the flu seems to be quite common around this time of year and it's no shocker, seeing as everyone experiences a great deal of stress and sleep deprivation during midterms.  I remember in my first year, I managed to sustain a cold for about a month and a half because I... Continue Reading →

Lost in Properties

Living in digital age, we are truly drowning in electronic gadgets that constantly hold our gaze. In lectures, I see people watching a hockey game, stalking people on Facebook, or tweeting vigorously. Professor’s voice enters in one ear and leaves through the other; all they hear is nothing but a muffled speech. At an event... Continue Reading →

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