August, September, Oct… UH Midterm month

Honestly, time flies when you are just simply getting older. It felt like August was just yesterday where I spent my summer lazing around, enjoying the weather, and getting a tan. Oh wait, I don’t tan, I burn in the sun. After summery August came September, the “back-to-school” month where we all attend classes on the first day back, receive our syllabuses and don’t spare them a second glance because we are a bit busy socializing. We learn what everybody else did during the summer and share our own stories.  Well, sharing is caring, so once again another school term begins! A term full of new experiences, parties, people and knowledge.

After August and September… it’s October, perhaps also known as the midterm month in university. Fortunately, this year my midterms are on every Friday/Saturday of October… Yay. Four weekends gone just like that. Doesn’t my university life seem exciting already? It’s not even in the finals yet.

Well enough about me and my supposedly exciting life, it’s time to move on and start sharing with you guys, my midterm advice. I know, I know, you get a lot of advice from your professors, parents and friends already, but just add me to that list because I have been through these midterms just last year.

Midterm advice right before midterms, such a creative post idea right? Well, follow them or don’t follow them, but these are my secrets during the midterm stress month.

1.       Time Management

↳        Time is limited. Time passes by quickly when you are studying, especially when it gets closer to the exam date. Firstly, start early, make a schedule to study a bit every day, don’t procrastinate. Obvious advice isn’t it? But, the majority doesn’t follow it. The usual student’s study graph is like an exponential graph, as exam days become closer, we start pulling those all-nighters and study like crazy. By then, we are too stressed to think correctly. The amount of information in university is substantially greater compared to high school! Therefore, do a bit each day, feel smarter since you learned something and just simply review the day before the exam.

Our study Graph...
Our study Graph…

2.       Study Smart & Work Hard

↳        Attend lectures and take notes effectively. Pay attention to the points the professor stresses on, if he/she has a lot of slides or talks about one thing a lot, that “thing” is most likely important. You don’t need to rewrite everything, write down the main points. There are workshops available on-campus that you can attend where they will teach you to take notes properly and how to take multiple choice exams. It’s never too late to attend a workshop and improve your learning skills. Study independently or study in a group, whichever matches your study abilities more. It takes time and working smart to adapt to these university tests.

3.       Eat properly and Sleep

↳        Eat properly from the four food groups. Take care of yourself by eating your carbs, dairy products, proteins, and fruits & veggies. Eat three meals a day, and snack less on the sugars. Keeping yourself healthy keeps your mind healthy. Don’t get sick, it’s a horrible feeling! I’d know, I am always sick. 

↳        Also, sleeping is important. Don’t stay up too late. I read a study in psychology 1000 last year that people who sleep before an exam perform better than those who pulled an all-nighter. When you sleep, you are resting your mind and body, you will be more likely to retain the things you have studied.

 Anyway, ciao! Hope you follow my advice and have a successful and less stressful midterm month! Bonne chance!


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