Like those who have come before us, and those who will follow in years to come, we stand on the horizon of another semester.

By now, three weeks in to September, you’d think we might have gotten the hang of this whole “oh wait, I actually have to be a human being again” mindset.

But, unfortunately, this is not the case.

Annually, stemming from kindergarten, September has represented my not-so-smooth transition in to another year.

Some people are butterflies, emerging from a careful constructed cocoon- the envy of all other similar creatures.


Others are lithe and muscular kangaroos, which, for the most part, live out this whole “awkward phase” in the safety of their mothers’ pouches.


Then there are those of us who emerge as awkwardly proportioned, Guinness-World-Record breaking ugly, defenseless baby birds.


We don’t have cocoons to bust out of, looking all suave…. And we most definitely do not have our mothers’ pouches to retreat to when the going gets tough.

We need to be prepared to grow into ourselves, and figure things out.

A high school teacher of mine used to tell us all to “put on our big girl panties and grow up”.

Though both being an awkward and unfortunate expression, this quip still reminds me on a daily basis that sometimes ugly birds have do roll with the punches. I tell myself that I’m a big girl, and as such, have to be concerned with the state of my undergarments- no one is going to be pulling them up for me.

 So whether you’re a butterfly, a kangaroo, or even an ungainly baby bird… Enjoy this September: take your time.

 After all- who’s in a hurry to grow up? 



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