The Poster Sale – A University Student’s Version of Interior Decorating

Nobody ever told me what the poster sale was, I was only lucky enough to stumble upon it while walking through the UCC as a short cut to Saugeen (yeah yeah, the “zoo” we get it). I then probably wasted a solid hour and a half looking at every single poster trying to figure out how I’d fit them all on my walls. I could have saved quite a bit of time had I known a few things:

1. Go big or go home! Don’t waste your time looking at those small frames. If it’s smaller than an 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper, it’s meant to be a notebook cover, not to be put on a wall. On the plus side, you can also save some money this way since the small ones are outrageously pricey for their puny size. If you’re worried you’ll get tired of it, no worries, there’s another poster sale in the spring. You can re-gift this one to one of your younger siblings for their birthday!

2. Don’t listen to your friends. If you’re a girl like me, you’re probably under some societal pressure to buy a poster of flowers or of a couple kissing under the Eiffel tower. If it’s neither, then it may be of a third category that only involves pink. If you’re down with that, then that’s cool, but I’m going to be completely honest and tell you I bought a poster of a Tiger when I first went. Yeah ok, maybe the first person to complement it was the guy who lived across the hall from me, but I still have it up on my wall in my room now and love it just the same! The second poster I bought was an African sunset with elephants in the foreground. I’m no interior decorator, but I was lucky enough to unknowingly turn my room into an awesome African safari.

3. Buy something your parents wouldn’t approve of. Most of you reading this have probably moved out and should be celebrating every possible minute of it to make up for the fact that you now have to do your own laundry. However, you should also remember that you (if you live in rez) are probably sharing a room with someone you met less than a month ago and they may not enjoy the African safari as much as you do…sorry Lisa. I strongly recommend a poster of a shirtless man showing off his 8-pack or some scantily clad women. Personally, I went looking for a poster of James Franco and came back with one of John Mayer, not bad.

If you’re about to venture to the poster sale for the first time or are merely returning to replace the embarrassing ones you bought last year, I wish you an awesome time and don’t forget it ends Friday in the Mustang Lounge!


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