The ever-illusive “perfect” study spot

During this midterm period, I searched high and low for places to study. It wasn’t that I was looking for a place to “study” (go on Facebook, check my email, and make my notes more beautiful- pretending to be productive), it was that I actually wanted to get down to business.

I went to Weldon, and found all the secret nooks and comfy chairs poached by grassroots-coffee toting hipsters in Raybans (Pintresting and Instagramming on their Macbooks), ironically occupying my potential study spaces.

I even crept through the silent microfiche areas in the Weldon basement, looking for somewhere that I thought was SUPPOSED to be quiet…. Obviously I interpreted the word “silent” differently than everyone else who was already there. I would be better off studying in a coffee shop.

I also tried the Mustang Lounge. Occasionally one can find a quiet day in the Mustang Lounge, but more often than not, there is an event hosted in the space. One day it was a poster sale, another time it was a blood donor clinic. Once, I was sitting in the Mustang Lounge hoping for a break in the busy hustle and bustle that usually flows through the space… I got exactly what I wanted, until the Western Pride Parade came through and had their post-parade celebration in amongst the studiers.

I have found several places to be top quality study centers:

-The Fireplace Lounge in the UCC, overlooking the Mustang Lounge

-NCB in the early evening, after most of the classes have ended, and most of the straggling students have filtered through

-The King’s Library (it’s closer than you’d think!)

-Somerville House- Midday, finding an empty class on the top floor to occupy for unobstructed study is easy!

So if you need a little extra quiet to finish a report with a tight deadline, try visiting a few of my top picks!Image


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