The Colour Purple

During reading break, I ventured to three separate universities to visit friends:

1. The University of Victoria

2. Simon Fraser University

3. Camosun College

What surprised me the most was my trip to the stores of each of these schools.

At Western, you can’t look anywhere in the school’s store (coincidentally (or not) called the Purple Store) without seeing something purple. Chances are, you will see stacks upon stacks of purple items.

Until coming to Western, I had never seen a purple tutu, a purple foam finger, or a purple wig.  Now it simply seems commonplace.

After spending a year at Western, I didn’t think universities even had items in their stores that weren’t in school colours.

This is why I experienced shades of culture shock when I walked into these other schools. I picked up a shirt at UVic (whose colours are blue and gold), and was taken aback by the fact that it was green. Underneath was a coral shirt, and underneath that? One in turquoise!

I threw it down, appalled. I felt like Alice peering through the looking glass, and honestly felt a little bit dizzy.

How could UVic betray the base source of school pride: school colours?

My friend didn’t understand the mental hernia I was currently experiencing… But, how could she?

The story was the same at the other universities… Sitting alongside the gear in school colours, was a veritable rainbow of clothing.

It simply stood to reconfirm how much I love Western’s spirit. Purple is a culture that has wound its way into every facet of the school. In every corner of every classroom, and on every bulletin board, you can find a student clad in ‘stang swag, or a poster advertising some event in the purple nation.




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