Harlem Shake hits Western

Throughout the years, dance fads have come and gone.

Some of these fads I understand: they are the long-term classics. They are the ones that have played at generations of middle school dances, and most likely will be in the standard DJ mix for years to come

I’m talking about those ones that everyone knows, like the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, or the YMCA. The cool-cats all roll their eyes when these songs come on, but you know that once the chorus rolls around, everyone is moving and grooving along.

These are quality, catchy songs that capture their listeners, and leave people coming back for more.

But recently, an even more shocking sensation has been let loose upon the world:

What do you get when you cross chicken costumes, erratic, spasmodic dancing, neon clothing, and university students?

This week’s new fad.

It is trending across Western, across Youtube, across Canada, and perhaps even across the world…

Why?  Because it is so darn catchy.

Medway Sydenham hall caught the Shake first. It happened last Sunday morning, 11am. They were the Western strain’s first victims.  Saugeen, Alumni Hall, and even a Zinke physics class would soon be claimed by the Shake.

Western’s Harlem Shake even cracked the top spot on Youtube in its prime.

Much like the middle school dance-crazes of my yester-youth, the Harlem Shake has been this week’s big-ticket item.

What have we started?



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