Sweatpants Chic

During the Winter, on those freezing mornings when you feel like nothing would be better than staying in your cozy pyjamas in bed all day, do you really need to abandon that comfort for the confines of a respectable pair of pants?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t.

When the mercury dips down to 27 below, no one will judge you for a heavy reliance on sweats!

So, liberate your legs! While everyone else casually freezes to death in $200 True Religions, just know they are noticing your high-level comfort and warmth… Not to mention style.

There are only a few occasions during my first winter of university during which sweats would not have been acceptable. Even for those occasions I debated donning the pants of sweat. Wedding reception? Job interview? It was a toss up.

Otherwise, they comprise perfection in pant form.

The best part is, sweatpants come in every colour imaginable. This just means you can find a pair to correspond with every conceivable outfit.

Want to show your Western pride? Throw on a purple pair.

Craving a sleeker look? Go for traditional black for added class.

Missing warmer weather? Bright colours emphasize hues of seasons soon to come.

Basically, you can never go wrong in sweats.



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