So you had a bat day…

Last week, I was shocked to discover a bat in my residence suite. Even more shocking to me: this is apparently not an uncommon occurrence. How, exactly, did a bat get into my fourth floor suite with screened windows? Well, besides sneaking in behind a key-card holder and casually taking the elevator to my floor, then loitering until one of my roommates opened the door for it, Google told me that bats actually reside in walls.

The idea that thousands of bats are currently crawling around in my walls somehow doesn’t seem like an appealing prospect to me. One bat was bad enough.

Google offered an array of advice for me in my quest to determine how to rid my room of any bats that may visit in the future. This advice makes me question users of Wikihow.

How to deal with bats:

1)   Put on thick gardening gloves or thick dishwashing gloves and grab the bat (what you do with it at this point? A mystery)

2)   Catch the bat between two tennis rackets and transport it outside

3)   Trap it inside a shoebox and craftily close it inside, then drive it miles away and release it

4)   Open a window and wait for it to leave (*note*- only works when an infestation consists of only one bat)

5)   Keep it as a pet (I’m highly skeptical of this answer, but if it’s on Wikihow….)

I can tell you with certainty my roommates and I chose none of these options… Like obedient children we listened to the front-desk manager and fled our suite- and waited for animal control.

When dealing with bats, it’s important to remember two things:

-Do not ever touch a bat. I don’t know about you but I think I’m fine without my rabies booster shots…

-Get a bat out of your house as quickly as you can. When animals get trapped in an unfamiliar place, they tend to act more erratically, and that situation isn’t pleasant for ANYONE involved.


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