You’re hot then you’re cold

Over the past week, London has been faced with on-going on and off flurries and near -20° C weather. This is just 1 week after sunshine and 1° C weather and we’re expecting to see 3° C next Monday! Winter, you’re hot then you’re cold and people cannot help but keep warm during this time of year. Baking warm treats hits drastic popularity but why stick to a hot treat when you can have both a hot and cold treat at once? After all, winter is playing this 2-in-1 game with us too. Known to astonish people in Japanese cuisine, the fried ice-cream is a must-try delicacy!

As a student having to put up with walking in the dead cold throughout the day and going in and out of heated buildings, there are times when I get home and crave cold snacks and other times when I crave warm snacks. The fried ice-cream is the most satisfying solution. Unbelievably easy and quick to make, I’ve been indulging in this amazing creation. I recommend you try it too!


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