Oh the weather outside is frightful

Oh my God, there is actually such a thing as winter in London! Now that the temperature has actually dipped below freezing (although it may well be back up in a few days), here are some dos and don’ts to stay safe, warm and happy.

  1. Do try to go outside for some fun occasionally. Yeah, you’ll freeze, but skating in Victoria Park (or trayboarding down UC Hill) is almost worth it.
  2. Don’t run on ground you can’t see. When you’re late for class that patch of snow on the sidewalk may look innocent, but it’s guaranteed to hide a big patch of oh-no-I’m-falling.
  3. Do exploit the excuse to drink some sweet hot chocolate or have a bowl of hot soup on a weekend morning.
  4. Don’t run around in the same clothes you did last week – that fall coat may look cute, but you won’t be when your fingers are falling off.
  5. Do add accessories like mitts, hats and scarves.
  6. Don’t leave your window open all day or overnight. Frozen pipes flooding your bedroom are not fun.
  7. Do take this opportunity to explore some alternate routes to class. It’s possible to get from the Rec Centre to NatSci with only 15 seconds outside (and the sauna between Thames and Eng/Law feels like a reasonable temperature).
  8. Don’t be late. When there’s freezing wind blowing in your face and icy sidewalks under your feet, you’ll have trouble getting anywhere fast.
  9. Do hope for a snow day. Chances are we won’t get another metre of snow and three days off, but an enforced study/relaxation break would be nice.
  10. Don’t bet on a snow day – be happy Reading Week is less than a month away.


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