Why I have no time to do my readings today

  1. My textbook is across the room, and my bed is very comfortable
  2. Facebook
  3. I suddenly have to clean my whole room, and do ten years worth of dishes (yesterday when I went to the mall with my friends, I barely noticed either mess)
  4. I discovered a newfound passion for cardio-kickboxing and need to go to the rec-center for my 1:05 class RIGHT NOW.
  5. Facebook
  6. I am way too sleepy to read, naptime is a better use of my time
  7. I am way too energetic to read, going on a run is a better use of my time
  8. I only have 30 minutes… What can I get done in 30 minutes?? It’s better not to even start, and save it for when I have more time.
  9. I can catch up this weekend, I’m definitely going to be able to wake up at 8am on Saturday and read until 8pm to finish 3 chapters of Psych and 4 of Anthro!

10. Walking Dead is on tonight and I have to make appetizers for my friends who are coming over to watch it… From scratch.

11. Need 2 txt my frndz 2 get this week’s rdngz… OMG no way u broke up w. him??

12. I had 6 hours of class today; do you really expect me to do that much learning in one day?? I’ve reached my saturation point.

13. Facebook

14. I just don’t want to.



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