It’s that time of year again! The time of year that fills the hearts and minds of students everywhere with joy and excitement…. Or, more commonly, stress and raw panic. That’s correct folks, it is back to school time.


After a nice, relaxing term break, either spent lounging on the couch, lounging on the beach, or comatose in bed until 4pm daily (recharging from first semester), being thrown to the wolves during the first week back is often quite a shock.

You lull yourself into a false sense of security, having repressed the carnage you faced only weeks prior during midterms. You return to school with confidence, and the belief that this semester will be different. You are not the starving, waiflike wretch that crawled home to your family weeks before due to student-budget living: You spent weeks nourishing yourself with cookies and homemade food…. And forgetting about all the hardships you endured from September to December.

As the break comes to an end, you feel increasingly desperate pangs of fear slide around frantically in your stomach, but you play it off as indigestion… School wasn’t that bad, right?

But upon returning back to school, and attending your first class back, you remember everything. It suddenly clicks back into your memory banks that conveniently emptied themselves after walking over the threshold of your front door. School was hard, you needed that break!

Everything comes to a screeching halt in the classroom as your professor utters one ultimate, crushing sentence:

“So. I expect everyone did the readings I assigned for today, page 1 in the new book to page 78?”

You of course have done nothing all break, and are kicking yourself for being behind on the first day…. Yet again telling yourself next year will be different (even though it won’t).

Reality knocks you down once again… But don’t worry, no one else did the reading either.

Only four months to go from here, so enjoy this new year!


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