So you had a bat day…

Last week, I was shocked to discover a bat in my residence suite. Even more shocking to me: this is apparently not an uncommon occurrence. How, exactly, did a bat get into my fourth floor suite with screened windows? Well, besides sneaking in behind a key-card holder and casually taking the elevator to my floor,... Continue Reading →

Twitter: out of this world

This is what Toronto looks like from space. Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently serving a five-month tour of duty aboard the International Space Station, has been tweeting pictures of Earth from space. He's photographed much of Canada, including many Ontario cities. As a result of his photographic skills, he's become increasingly popular on Twitter, accumulating around... Continue Reading →

You’re hot then you’re cold

Over the past week, London has been faced with on-going on and off flurries and near -20° C weather. This is just 1 week after sunshine and 1° C weather and we're expecting to see 3° C next Monday! Winter, you're hot then you're cold and people cannot help but keep warm during this time of year.... Continue Reading →

Engineering Failure

Welcome back, all purple denizens! Now that you've had a nice break filled with "studying" and "getting ahead with readings", your thoughts must turn already - as they inevitably do - to thoughts of the dreaded midterms. After all, you would need plenty of time to plan an exam like this one at U of... Continue Reading →

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hey everyone! I hope your holidays were fantastically relaxing. I hope you ate so much that you nearly burst and you slept until mid-afternoon at least three times over the break. And, most importantly, I hope you are returning with a clear mind and a recharged battery. With that said, I know that coming back... Continue Reading →

It’s that time of year again! The time of year that fills the hearts and minds of students everywhere with joy and excitement…. Or, more commonly, stress and raw panic. That’s correct folks, it is back to school time. After a nice, relaxing term break, either spent lounging on the couch, lounging on the beach,... Continue Reading →

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