Sounds of the Season

There are hundreds of Christmas CDs in the library, covering almost every instrument, country, time period and genre out there. Here’s a selection of 10 CDs to get you into the holiday spirit, and through exams. (All are available from UWO Libraries, but be warned – some are three-day only).

  1. Platinum Christmas: traditional favourites as adapted by modern stars.
  2. Songs of Joy and Peace: from Yo-Yo Ma and friends – multicultural, multinational, multigenre.
  3. Home Alone Christmas: because we miss our childhood. Miracle on 34th Street, Rugrats Holiday Classics and Muppet Christmas Carol are also available.
  4. Christmas at the Pops: one of several holiday CDs by the Boston Pops – orchestral works and adaptations of carols.
  5. Christmas Unleashed (by the Jingle Dogs) and Here Comes Santa Claws (by the Jingle Cats): in case you missed the arrival of the therapy dogs, here’s a mixture of traditional and pet-themed songs
  6. Dancing Day: traditional carols by the Toronto Children’s Choir
  7. A Merry Jazzmas: because the weather outside just isn’t cool enough
  8. Christmas with the Canadian Brass: brass carols, with some amazing organ work (recorded in St. Patrick’s Cathedral)
  9. Celtic Christmas: a different sound than the traditional songs, but well worth listening to
  10. Canadian Christmas: because we needed to at least attempt to satisfy CanCon.


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