University Student PSA:

Being a university student comes with many associated characteristics. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have made the transition into university life successfully, then here are a few signs that you may not be as far from being a university student as you thought…

10 signs that you may be a university student:

  1. You say you’re going to the thrift store because you want that ‘vintage’ style, but really, it’s because a new shirt at Aritzia is $40, and it’s down to clothing or groceries.
  2. As soon as the words “Freshman 15”, “Student Loans”, or “Calc Assignment” come up in conversation, everyone you’re talking to gets really awkward and silent.
  3. You have experimented with every possible combination of peanut butter, crackers, and bananas because 2 out of the three of them are free at your residence cafeteria.
  4. Pajamas are perfectly functional items of clothing. You may have also given your bathrobe serious consideration too.
  5. You panic when your study carrel at Weldon is occupied
  6. You walked 20 minutes and took two buses to get to your classes in high school, but now a 5-minute walk to 10:30 psych is SO unreasonable. I mean, I think that’s grounds for lawsuit or something
  7. You sniff-test all of your shirts because your clean-clothes pile and dirty-clothes pile have unified on your floor
  8. You don’t sit on your couch with a bucket of ice-cream and drown your sorrows because of a bad break-up; it’s because you got a C- on a project worth 50% of your final mark
  9. After that all-nighter you pulled for an assignment, a table in an abandoned classroom is a perfectly reasonable place to take a nap.
  10. You know what a hash tag is, and use the term in conversation

Have you, or has someone you know, experienced any of these phenomena? If so, you may be a university student.



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