Everybody Gets an Essay!

Okay, so do you guys remember a few years back when Oprah still had her show and she gave away cars to everyone in her audience? If you haven’t seen this truly awesome moment yet, here’s the video. I’ll wait…

Amazing, right?

Anyways, the point of me posting this video is that I feel it is analogous to our lives right now. Imagine you are Oprah and those little gift boxes are essays, assignments and the like. Now, imagine the audience members are your professors and TAs.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Seriously, I feel like I’ve been writing essays for months now. It’s ridiculous how many MLA formatted, possibly horribly written essays I have written in the past month. I am Oprah and “YOU GET AN ESSAY! YOU GET AN ESSAY! YOU GET AN ESSAY! EVERYBODY GETS AN ESSAY!”

If you are also going through this assembly line-like process of churning out papers, just remember that we’ve got less than a week left in the term. You can do this! I believe you can power through these assignments and I know they’re going to be amazing. You’ve got this.

I hope the power of Oprah has inspired you to get back to work and produce essays for all of your wonderful TAs and profs. Although I don’t think their reactions will be quite as explosive as Oprah’s audiences’ when they receive your papers, the fact that you actually managed to finish your assignment on time, by the due date, without having to grovel at them for an extension will no doubt be something that makes them smile just a little bit this holiday season.


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