I’m not talking about bar-hopping. I’m talking about uni-hopping. That’s right, going from one university to the next.

First year was a great time to get to know Western. That was the time to walk around campus at night and discover hidden pathways and tunnels. That was the time to go downtown and explore the shops and life of downtown London. But second year, that’s a great time to check out life at other universities.


I’ve only really visited McMaster, Queen’s and U of T, but I’d love to check off Laurier and McGill on my uni-hopping list – when I say visit, I don’t mean a sophisticated, well-organized Fall Preview Day. It definitely wasn’t Fall Preview Day. Although I haven’t visited as many other universities as I’d like to yet, I can definitely say that from what I have noticed, being at other universities really makes you appreciate your own university’s culture and habits.

Campus size was an obvious one. I could stand in the middle of Queen’s campus and see the roads that border the university. Here, I could stand in the middle of campus and just see as much as the buildings would let me – there’s a whole other half of campus at the bottom of UC hill.

Student life? I can’t be a fair judge for that since I’m not a student at other universities. But student night life? That’s different. In Toronto, night life can offer the usual – clubs, bars, pool – but it can also offer a lakeshore, Dundas Square, and Korean BBQ. In Kingston, night life has all the students together in the ghetto bonding over Smoke’s Poutinerie and their red cups (Kingston really isn’t very big…). Hamilton, well, they have a lot of sushi restaurants downtown, right?

I’m not going to go on a rant comparing universities to each other (that’ll get redundant). I won’t say that one university is better than another, that one is more fun than another, or that one is smarter than another. Each university has its own perks, and I love high school reunions when we all come together and share our university stories. I may never get a chance to prance down Yonge St. in a coverall during O-week, but they may never get a chance to toboggan down UC hill.


Hey, I don’t mind. I love my university.Image


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