Riding Purple

On average, I figure I walk about one hour every day in between classes. I would not be wrong to say that Western’s beautiful, park-like campus requires either the development of flight capability (ask the engineering department on that one), or a lot of walking. I recently (this week) discovered the handiness of Western’s “Purple Bike” rental program. For one week, as a trial, I have rented a bike for a grand total of $15, with a $70 deposit. Instead of walking 15-20 minutes this morning to my first class across campus, I instead slept in 10 extra minutes and biked to my class. I made it to class in 5 minutes.

Since I rented the bike, I have found myself getting to class earlier, and feeling less hassled. I am now capable of completing more tasks and errands than I was before, simply due to my new wheels.

After a long hike up to the third floor of the UCC at 4:00 when the doors opened at the rental headquarters, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The office itself was situated in an out-of-the-way hallway I never would have stumbled across accidentally. I soon realized that I had no need for trepidation. The friendly service and knowledge of the “Purple Bike” staff made my bike rental experience painless.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs just a little break from walking; so far I love it! On Western’s exceptionally biker-friendly campus, this is a great way to get around!

You wear purple clothes, you eat purple food, now try getting to class on your own purple bike!Image


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