Why Wednesday, Why??


Why does it feel like Wednesdays are universally the worst days ever?

And how is it possible that I, as a Social Science student, have eight hours of class every Wednesday? More interesting still is that this phenomenon affects the majority of students I have spoken to. The dreaded hump day claims its victims once every seven-day rotation, and it never feels any less brutal. Visualizing crawling into my bed after my last class ends at 9:30 tonight almost makes me salivate with anticipationā€¦. However I know I will have hours of homework to complete instead.

Wednesdays represent the fact that you have dredged though half of a long week, and still have another few days to go. The weekend feels so close, but has never been further away. Realistically, it was my own fault that I arranged my schedule in such a way that my Wednesdays are so brutal, but it nonetheless makes me wish I could just fast-forward the whole day.

If you too experience this Wednesditis, you are not alone. Somehow, all schedules naturally develop a complex surrounding a particular day. Yours just happens to be Wednesday.

So, if you have a case of the Wednesdays, and wish you had pressed snooze just a few more times this morning, just remember that Thursday is only a few short hours away.

Wednesday does have one redeeming quality however! Once it passes, the rest of the week simply flies by. At 9:30 tonight, when I drag myself across the floor to my desk to begin my homework, I will feel much better knowing that Friday is fast approaching.


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