University Student PSA:

Being a university student comes with many associated characteristics. If you aren't sure whether or not you have made the transition into university life successfully, then here are a few signs that you may not be as far from being a university student as you thought... 10 signs that you may be a university student:... Continue Reading →

Sakai Owl: Dove or Crow?

When the Sakai OWL was introduced, it was touted as a means of solving all the problems with WebCT. No more would our browsers crash every 10 minutes! No more would opening a second tab be the crime of the century! Well, has Sakai lived up to its hype? Its logo is certainly more modern,... Continue Reading →

It’s Black Friday!

Today is Black Friday, and if you’re anything like me, you know all about this most fabulous day in the shopping world. It is a shopping lover’s dream: the malls are open literally all day and there are ridiculous sales on pretty much every item you could ever want. It’s both a blessing and a... Continue Reading →

I am Canadian

Don't get me wrong, I like (most) American people. And I completely understand it being difficult to distinguish between the Canadian and American accents. But when British people treat me as an American without even asking where I'm from, it gets rather frustrating. A typical conversation can run something like this: - Hey, you all... Continue Reading →

If This Doesn’t Work Out…

Getting midterm marks back can often be a shock to students, and this year is no exception. But, fellow students of Western, do not despair: if that bio exam made you want to reconsider neurosurgery, and your Spanish exam led you to a fajita boycott, there is still hope! University might not be where your... Continue Reading →

Study season

Heading into the last few weeks of school, the end is in sight - or it would be, if it weren't obscured by that big pile of overdue library books you got a few weeks ago to get a headstart on your final essays and then never opened. Getting down to the wire, there's nothing... Continue Reading →

Education vs. Life

What is it about learning in school that makes people separate learning from the rest of their lives?  Is it the little lecture-hall pull-out tables? The highly technological PowerPoint presentations? The subconscious (or very conscious) which to be somewhere else, doing something else (like sleeping)? Whatever it is, I've determined that what I like to... Continue Reading →


I’m not talking about bar-hopping. I’m talking about uni-hopping. That’s right, going from one university to the next.First year was a great time to get to know Western. That was the time to walk around campus at night and discover hidden pathways and tunnels. That was the time to go downtown and explore the shops... Continue Reading →

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