Oh Sandy

You may have noticed the sudden drop in temperature, the gale-force winds, or the almost torrential downpour of rain the last few days have brought. You may be asking yourself, “Why does the sky hate me all of a sudden, I have an 8:30 class to walk to on the other side of campus?”. There is also a good chance you have not even noticed this influx of precipitation due to “study overload” and a failure to leave your room the last few days in lieu of midterms. Both are entirely plausible.

For those of you who HAVE noticed the sudden change in weather, it is due to Hurricane Sandy, an incredibly massive storm currently running rampant across the East Coast of North America.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have taken this to the next level however. What is currently trending right now across the web? Every second post seemingly pertains to Sandy, either from my well-meaning West Coast friends sending their thoughts and love to those affected by the storm, or my East Coast friends complaining about the weather. Sandy has even earned herself a Twitter account- created as a joke by a ‘fan’ (with notable tweets such as “DIS GURL ON DA WEATHER CHANNEL CALLED ME A BIG STORM. HOW YOU JUS GON MAKE FUN OF MY WEIGHT LIKE DAT?”). Almost everyone knows of the storm, and at this rate, it is my opinion that Hurricane Sandy can obtain a higher number of followers on Twitter than Justin Bieber. This remains to be seen however.

Sandy has disrupted life for everybody, either through instigating massive evacuations from hard-hit, low-lying areas of New York, shutting down the stock market, halting thousands of flights throughout the nation, or simply by paralyzing my Facebook newsfeed.

It has also quickly become the most commonly searched storm on Google (guilty).

I hope that now, upon looking (or venturing) outside tomorrow, seeing the sky that particularly unfriendly shade of grey will be much less of a shock.

Good luck, and stay warm!Image


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