Those Things We Can’t Resist

We all have those things that we simply can’t resist no matter how hard we try. Some of us may be tempted by a delicious chocolate bar or an amazingly comfortable bed after a long day of classes. We may want to deny ourselves, but sometimes, we’re powerless in the face of temptation. Until I came to Western, I never really had that one thing that I just couldn’t resist. But now, I’ve discovered it. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t say no to a Spoke bagel.

The Spoke Bagel is quite possibly the most perfect thing I have ever tasted. The first time I tried this beautiful bagel, I kind of just sat there for a while in a dazed stupor because I didn’t know anything could taste so divine. The Spoke has an incredibly unique selection of bagels such as jalapeno cheddar or mushroom spinach and swiss. Once you’ve selected your perfect bagel, it’s time to choose your topping. You can choose to put one of The Spoke’s specialty cream cheeses (like roasted red pepper!) on your delicious bagel or you can opt for my personal favourite, the Bagelwich. Basically it’s a mouth-watering, life changing, never going back again experience.

Every time I’m in the UCC, I find myself gravitating towards The Spoke, the smell of their sinfully delicious bagels floating through the air and infiltrating my senses. Sometimes the line is rivaling that of the Tim Horton’s and I have a class that I need to rush to but I really don’t care because The Spoke Bagel just changes you. It makes you re-evaluate your priorities. And I’ve got to say, missing class is definitely worth getting a Turkey Club Bagelwich.

Sometimes it’s hard to resist temptation, but when you’re tempted with something as glorious as The Spoke Bagel, resistance is futile.


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