Into the Wild

We’ve all got ambitions – maybe you want to become a lawyer, or cure cancer, or watch all eight Harry Potter movies in a single sitting. Some goals are more worthy than others, and some are more achievable than others. Some, though, can potentially present risks to yourself and to the world at large.

Kissing a wolf (courtesy Tallon Nightwalker)

US teenager Tallon Nightwalker has made it his goal to be photographed with every animal in the world. He’s at 840 and counting, including this photo of him kissing a wolf. As you can probably guess from that pose, taking pictures of animals at the zoo doesn’t quite cut it for him: his “rules” for photos state that the animal must be alive, he must be holding it or in close proximity to it, and it has to be “barrier-free” – so no cages, tanks, or other means of confinement. As a result, he has been bitten a few times, though not severely injured. However, these aren’t domesticated animals that he’s dealing with. This wolf was more interested in licking his face than eating it – what if the next one isn’t?


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