Quotes and Public Walls by Phoenix Gu

“One day you may realize
you’ve lost the moon
while you were counting
the stars.”

Image(Above: The moon seen from London, Ontario on July 4th, 2012.)

Just take one walk around campus; you can see all sorts of writing in all kinds of places:

“Today you are you
no one is youer you than you”

“If we spent more time doing business and not writing cliché things on bathroom stalls, maybe the waiting line would be shorter”


“You’re beautiful”

It gets even better, when there is evidence of people interacting with each other via walls using different writing utensils.

What are you afraid of?
(big print done with a black sharpie, making a statement)

Uh… Keyboard harmony?
(small print done with a pencil)”

Here’s a quotation written on public bench, taken in a field just outside of campus:


Alright, I do admit… I like cheesy quotations, especially when left anonymously in random places like little treasures to be found. And I always wondered whether people realize the impact they might have, just by leaving simple sentences on walls. Leaving these sentences is almost like performing little gestures, reaching out to the readers who find them.

With mental health being such a prevalent issue in a community, and even right here on campus, maybe it is not something that could be fought alone (www.cmha.ca/mental-health/find-help).

It could be hard to fight a new personal battle, and since life does not have an instruction book, sometimes we do need the right kind of support to pull us through. But not everyone can find a supportive community so easily, and where would some of us even begin if we feel embarrassed about it? However small, and simple these quotations are, they are counted as gestures. Gestures that can be identified within someone who might just be in need of a few cheesy words to get them through a day, or to feel in touch with a fast-paced community that can easily seem so distant.



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