Going the Distance: Surviving a Long Distance Relationship in University by Alex Nelson



Standing at the gate to pass through security at the Victoria airport, I tearfully hugged my boyfriend goodbye (after awkwardly holding the line up for a tremendous amount of time). My aunt just rolled her eyes. 

Some people just don’t understand.

She, much more aware of the impatient glances from the airport users behind us than I, shoved me through the icy, sliding glass doors-of-misery before an airport patron decided to use me as their travel-angst outlet.

I saw the guard behind the counter at the security desk glance over skeptically at my boyfriend’s sweatshirt in my death-grip. I guess the mascara smeared Kleenex trail behind me, and my obnoxious sniffles stopped him from pushing me to put the offending article down.

Haggard and disheveled, I somehow made it to London.

Before I moved into residence, I spent a few days exploring the city. I walked around in a daze, pathetically GLUED to my phone. Those who passed me at Masonville Mall must have attributed my phone-obsessedness to tweenagerdom, not realizing I was instead about to enter my first year of university… 

On my travels, I encountered an article suggesting that my long-distance relationship was doomed to failure, and that I might as well break up with my boyfriend now, because the relationship wouldn’t last anyways.

This advice came to me by way of a brief first-year guide to university life, of need-to-know information. I was left to wonder: Is this the only way? DO I have to break up with my boyfriend?

Instead, I decided that letting this rather gloomy article interfere with my relationship was a bad idea- if we were destined to break-up, it wouldn’t be because some article told me so.

Thankfully, O-Week was so busy I didn’t have time to lie around with a “woe is me” attitude, wishing I could give my boyfriend a hug. It kept me distracted enough that simply attending the events, and throwing myself into the atmosphere made missing my big goofball back home more bearable, especially since being “that person”- the one who no-one sees due to Skype overload- is not cool.

Although it is difficult and emotionally trying to be away from those you love and care about, breaking up is not the only option. It is hard at times, and many people will tell you it isn’t worth the hassle, but simple fear of long-distance is not a reason (in and of itself) to end a relationship. In fact, being so far apart has even made my relationship with my boyfriend stronger.

So, if you are in a long-distance relationship, and are contemplating ending it because of the distance, I’m here to caution you: 

Don’t ruin a good thing for this reason; a strong relationship can survive a few months apart!

So, all I have left to say, is good luck with your all of your relationships, current, or future! University is a great place, and if you are missing a significant other, just remember that Term Break is just around the corner!


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