Ehhh- Sexy Lady! by Catherine Lu

ImageEvery other student on campus could probably tell you what song those three words belong to, and then precede to jump up and down in a similar fashion to what seems like a horse trot. PSY’s one hit wonder Gangnam Style has become the turning point eliminating any cultural barrier between the Western society and K-pop (Korean-pop). Recognized by its catchy chorus and comical horse-riding dance, the Gangnam Style music video is now the most watched K-pop video in YouTube history. It has also made its round among celebrities, including Britney Spears and T-Pain, the former having appeared on screen with him on the Ellen Degeneres Show (definitely a must-watch). But this catchy tune about a sexy lady doesn’t stop there. No, I first heard about it while watching Global News at home with my family and it’s even been featured in The Wall Street Journal.  

The marriage between a foreign language music video featuring pelvic thrusts in an elevator, and astute businessmen discussing stocks, trades and bonds seems like quite the combination. Things are definitely changing around here.

Gangnam Style is now a common tune on the radio, on talk shows, and even at nightclubs – everyone pushed up against each other all riding an invisible horse, a lovely sight don’t you think? There have been countless parodies made by celebrities from Nelly Furtado to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders. And, Guinness World Records has announced it to be the most “Liked” video on YouTube. That’s right, PSY beat out Justin Bieber. But how many of you know that this song is about a man and a woman each on separate journeys to be who they really are without societal judgements? You probably don’t. And that’s probably because the image of PSY in his brightly coloured costumes prancing around with his black sunglasses can be blinding to any profound content. But hey, no one’s complaining.

We cherish those moments when everyone can share something together. Whether it is someone’s graduation or a Korean dance with flailing arms and legs – at least it’s a memory to look back on and share with each other ten years from now. So, go Gangnam Style tonight, no one’s judging! 


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