Oh Sandy

You may have noticed the sudden drop in temperature, the gale-force winds, or the almost torrential downpour of rain the last few days have brought. You may be asking yourself, “Why does the sky hate me all of a sudden, I have an 8:30 class to walk to on the other side of campus?”. There... Continue Reading →

How is life different in Singapore?

One of the questions I always get asked when I talk to friends and family back home is:  “How are things different over there?” And I understand that it’s a question that people are going to ask—in fact, when I meet exchange students from other countries, I almost always ask them the same thing—but the... Continue Reading →


“So, are you thinking about getting a cycle for uni?” “Maybe – I’m debating between getting a bicycle or just buying the bus pass… I’m not sure how at home I feel in British traffic yet.” “Why, what’s wrong with British traffic?” “Well, nothing really, it’s just things like having to look a different direction... Continue Reading →

Those Things We Can’t Resist

We all have those things that we simply can’t resist no matter how hard we try. Some of us may be tempted by a delicious chocolate bar or an amazingly comfortable bed after a long day of classes. We may want to deny ourselves, but sometimes, we’re powerless in the face of temptation. Until I came... Continue Reading →

How To Spot a Study Hermit

In and around periods of time frequently and collectively referred to by society as “exams”, you may notice a significant drop in the number of people found walking around on your floor in residence, or even in buildings on campus in between classes. Many students simply slink away to dark corners and abandoned lecture halls... Continue Reading →

Into the Wild

We've all got ambitions - maybe you want to become a lawyer, or cure cancer, or watch all eight Harry Potter movies in a single sitting. Some goals are more worthy than others, and some are more achievable than others. Some, though, can potentially present risks to yourself and to the world at large. US... Continue Reading →

My entire first month at university is a write-off. It’s a blur of purple, stupid purchases at the Med-Syd snack bar (because Elgin’s cafeteria closes at 7:30), and cross-campus sprints to get to 9:30 Anthropology in the Spencer Engineering Building.This, and spending far too much time counting the minutes until my return home for Thanksgiving.... Continue Reading →

First Impressions

I arrived in the London Heathrow Airport on September 13, 2012, and have since been engaged in a bit of a whirlwind tour, becoming acquainted with Norwich and the surrounding country. But let me start at the beginning… Arrival Is it ridiculous that my most vivid memory of Heathrow is of the birds at the... Continue Reading →

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